Black Tea


Black tea

To produce black tea, leaves are harvested and withered and then crushed, torn, curled, or rolled and allowed to oxidize before being dried. As a result the leaves darken and develop a stronger flavor and aroma.


Brilliant Breakfast
A bright & bold morning tea.  Perfectly rounded, with body, strength, color and pungeny; the essence of a fine Ceylon tea.  The beautifully even Broken Orange Pekoe grade leaf yields a burgundy coloured liquor, which is robust & strong yet bright with an energetic personality.

Earl Grey
The legend of Earl Grey tea is one of politics and intrigue.  When a British diplomat saved the life of an official of the Imperial Chinese Court, a special gift of black tea enhanced with the peel of Bergamot, a pear-shaped citrus fruit, was given to Charles, 2nd Earl of Grey, then Prime Minister of England.  This original Earl Grey Tea offers a rich and strong Ceylon brew enhanced with the oil of Bergamot; a distinctive and unique flavour.

Black Currant

Finest quality black tea leaves superbly blended with the bright fruity taste of just-picked currants. A delectable, lush cup with soothingly sweet blackberry undertones, floral notes and a delighting finish.

Bombay Chai

An invigorating blend of select Indian tea leaves blended with rich Imperial spices. Deep with the tingle of cardamom and clove, this cup is delicious by itself or when prepared in true Bengal fashion with milk and sugar.

Decaf Breakfast

A naturally-decaffeinated hearty offering, this full and flavorful Ceylon tea steeps a robust, invigorating liquor with a lingering rich, raisiny depth.

Breakfast Forte

A robust full-bodied cup with a concentrated character of malt and deep undertones that welcome a bit of milk and sugar. Satisfying and delicious, this tea is a great breakfast cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day.


Formosa Oolong

One of the world’s most sought after and revered cups, this premier plucking of special grade, mountain grown tea is prized for its large leaves, inviting liquor, roasted aroma and assertive peach finish.


Orchid Vanilla

Exceptional black tea leaves blended with Madagascar vanilla and delicate shavings of tropical coconut. Delicious and creamy with a floral bouquet, this cup offers the enchanting flavor of an island getaway.